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Great Photo Location: Sunflower Fields in Montague, Michigan

All travel doesn’t have to be hours from home. There’s so much to explore in our own backyards. When we’re willing to be tourists in our own town or region, we will discover all sorts of hidden gems that otherwise might have gone unnoticed. This is especially true during the current times we’re living in, where some travel is restricted and/or ill-advised and our options are more limited than usual.

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Dennis and I love getting out and about as often as we can. It’s a great way for us to spend time together, to get away from the craziness of life, and for him to try to snag some photo ops. So, when we found a Saturday with a few free hours, we did a little bit of research to see what kind of interesting things were going on in our area and we stumbled upon a sunflower field in Montague, Michigan.

Check out this video of our experience.

Michigan Day Trips - Amazing Sunflower Fields - Montague, Michigan
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Montague is less than half an hour north of Muskegon. The address for the sunflower fields we visited is 9401 Chase Rd, Montague, MI 49437.

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We checked the forecast and it looked like it was going to be a beautifully sunny day. So we headed out to see if the flowers were even blooming at the beginning of August. They were! And they were beautiful. But the weather was certainly not sunny. In fact, we ended up having a major thunderstorm pass by just north of the field which made for some amazing photos!

There aren’t any parking lots by the fields but the country roads around the fields aren’t very busy and visitors were able to safely park along the edge without incident.

Clouds and sunflowers

We were amazed at what a neat experience it was to visit these fields. We envisioned trying to snap a photo or two from the road but the farmer, knowing what an attraction his flowers was, had a sign up saying people were welcome to walk down the paths into the fields. He just asked people to be careful not to damage the flowers. So generous of him to do this. And he wasn’t charging any fees!

It was beautiful being in and among the flowers.

There were quite a few people visiting the same time that we were but the fields are large so there was plenty of room to spread out. We noticed several people taking what looked like senior pictures and engagement pictures while we were there.

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We could see that some of the flowers looked a tad bit wilty. But the farmer came through again by mentioning another field that he had where the flowers had bloomed more recently which was only a few blocks away.

After spending some time taking photos in this field, we decided to head to the other one to see what things looked like there. We were not disappointed.

Field of flowers

When we saw we were driving into clouds and the weather wasn’t going to be sunny the way we thought it was, we could have turned around and gone back home. But adapting our plans to fit the conditions helped us to have a great road trip with some pretty amazing scenery.

dark skies

I have a feeling that the sunflower field in Montague will become an annual stop for us. It truly is magical and worth taking the time to visit.

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6 thoughts on “Great Photo Location: Sunflower Fields in Montague, Michigan”

  1. Are the 🌻 ready? Or when is a good month to come see them. Sorry what I’m ask if they are blooming yet.

    1. Michelle Caskey

      It varies a little bit every year, depending on the weather, but mid July through mid August are when they will typically bloom.

    1. Michelle Caskey

      This was the address in 2020: 9401 Chase Rd, Montague, MI 49437. You’ll have to do some research to see if they’re in this same location this year.

  2. Was it planted this year? I drove to the address where I saw it last year. The roads were being worked on and I only saw corn fields. That was the middle of July.

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