About Us

Dennis and Michelle Caskey

Hi, this is Dennis and Michelle Caskey and we’re excited to have you come along on our journey!

We’ve always enjoyed traveling together. Even back when we were dating, we loved going on lots of road trips. We used to grab our cameras and set out on adventures on evenings, weekends, and any time we could fit them into our schedule.

We flew to Utah and enjoyed Arches National Park and the salt flats.

We went white water rafting on the Cheat River in West Virginia.

We traveled to Rhode Island on our first wedding anniversary and drove up the coast to Maine to enjoy the vibrant fall colors.

We’ve even been known to take a day trip to Chicago to scarf down delicious deep dish pizza.

Once our sons were born, however, we went down to one income and it was harder to fit travel into our budget. We still managed to get in a few trips here and there, mostly camping or weekend excursions. However, we felt it was important to try to share our love of travel and make memories with our boys so we did what we could to take at least one family vacation each year.


Of course, time passed and life happened. And we found ourselves in a position where our time, our budget, and frankly our energy was too sapped from parenting young children to hit the open road very often. We focused on raising our sons and put many of our own hopes and dreams on the backburner in an effort to pour into their lives.

But now that our sons are 16 and 17, we’re finding our schedules are freeing up again. Our boys are spending more and more time at work or with friends. As we look around, almost 20 years into our marriage, we’re realizing we have lots of life left and the time to focus a bit more on ourselves and on our marriage again.

And that’s where this blog comes in. We’re dusting off our cameras and heading out to take trips together again. Some of them will be day trips and some will be a bit farther afield. We hope to share our experiences as well as any tips or tricks we’ve learned along the way to help you make your next trip more enjoyable.

We can’t wait to make memories and to reconnect as we enter this new phase of life. The empty nest doesn’t have to feel empty! We’re going to take a trip together. Won’t you join us?!?

Caskey family